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SmartSeam is the first UL-classified interior protection solution for use beneath sprinkler systems.

For over 15 years, TuffWrap has been providing dust and debris containment solutions to Fortune 500 companies, roofing contractors, consultants, and general contractors. Our signature solution, which has been and continues to be the foundation of TuffWrap, is the Suspended Cover, which provides protection from dust and debris during reroofing projects.

For the first time ever, a sprinkler impairment dust and debris containment solution is available to companies undergoing a reroofing project...Read more.

SmartSeam has undergone rigid testing at Underwriter Laboratories, a global safety science company.

TuffWrap's commitment to keeping our clients and their products, clients, and employees safe is our priority, so when SmartSeam started being developed, we wanted it to be tested for maximum safety.

UL produced several different tests to challenge the product and other methods. To understand SmartSeam and the tests UL created, view the video of SmartSeam here.